Monday, August 27, 2012


Headin out on the road pretty soon... Can't wait!
Also check out our video for "Walkin..." directed by Will Ellis

9/11 Seattle, WA - 5010 House w/ The Lindseys, Shakes, Ubu Roi
9/12 Vancouver, BC, Canada - Zoo Zhop w/ Siren Songs, Sabertooth, Flagpolers
9/13 Olympia, WA - Le Voyeur w/ Dogjaw, Nancy Drew Pentagrams
9/14 Portland, OR - Slabtown w/ Divers, Defect Defect
9/16 Oakland, CA - 924 Gilman Street w/ Huff Stuff Magazine, Tooth Soup, Full On Dweeb
9/17 San Francisco, CA - *EARLY* Amoeba Records In-store 6PM FREE
9/17 San Francisco, CA - The Knockout w/ Yogurt Brain, Synthetic ID, Love Songs
9/18 Los Angeles, CA - The Smell w/ Infinite Body, Keychain
9/19 Pomona, CA - Vince Lombardi High School w/ White Night
9/20 Tempe, AZ - Tempe Tavern w/ Rumspringer, Gay Kiss, Shovel
9/21 Flagstaff, AZ - Cottage House
9/23 Denver, CO - Mouth House w/ Chase Ambler
9/24 Lander, WY - Lander Bar
9/25 Missoula, MT - Zoo City Apparel w/ Colleen Green, Plateaus
9/26 Spokane, WA - Mootsy's
9/27 Seattle, WA - *EARLY* Sonic Boom Records In-store 6 PM
9/27 Seattle, WA - Black Lodge w/ Naomi Punk, M. Women

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